Maybelline Fit Me Concealer

Hi everyone! I hope you all are doing well.

So today’s post is about my favorite concealer. I wasn’t expecting this much from Maybelline fit me range but yes I was excited to try this out because everyone liked it. After using it for months, here’s my review on it.

This concealer comes in 3 shades – Light, Sand and Medium. I have the shade Medium 25.

I got this one because it has peachy undertones which is perfect to correct purple under eye circles. If you want to know more about this color correcting thing then check out my this post All about concealers!

Coming to the texture which is very creamy and pliable. Trust me it feels so light on the skin and giving amazing coverage. Whenever I put on Maybelline fit me concealer, my skin feels so comfortable in it specially my under eye area. It is very simple to apply this concealer. Just dot it with the application wand or draw a triangle with your concealer. I usually apply it in a triangle shape, this technique lifts your face giving vibrant glow. After that dab dab dab and blend it gently with the brush or beauty blender. This can be blended easily with your fingers too. And then I set the concealed area with my setting powder. It is creamy so it needs to be set with powder, also to increase the longevity. I always apply my eye cream or moisturizer before. This concealer is hydrating though, doesn’t cling to dry patches. It will suit all skin types.

It stays on for nice 4-5 hours. Maybelline fit me concealer doesn’t look cakey. It looks so natural on skin. But it can crease a bit under your eyes if you don’t set it nicely.

If you basically need any concealer to hide those creepy eye bags then this shade is for you. It covers dark spots and any sort of pigmentation perfectly. Also this is dupe of Nars radiant creamy concealer, beauty community says this. Well I’m not sure about that.

I really really like this Maybelline concealer, works perfectly for me. I would definitely recommend this concealer to everyone.

Price – 500 INR for 6.8 ml ( You can buy it here )

I hope you liked my review.

Thanks for reading! x


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